Ouray & RMNP, Colorado 2015

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Photos of our Colorado trip are finally here!

I am so excited about these photos and every time I look at them, all I want to do is rewind time and go back. Nick and I planned a 10 day trip to Ouray and RMNP, Colorado; a week full of hiking, camping, and UTVing through the mountains. We packed our bags and hopped on a flight to Denver. Once we landed, we still had a 6.5 hour drive ahead of us to Ouray – but let me just say, it’s totally worth it. It is my favorite city in the U.S. and once you look through these photos, you will see why 🙂

In Ouray, we made a few stops throughout our stay at my favorite place to grab a drink and eat, the Ouray Brewery. It’s upper deck makes for a perfect spot to hang out and take in the views of the beautiful mountains surrounding the small quaint town. We took a small hike at Box Canyon Falls and then I proceeded to give Nick a little scare by making him drive the Million Dollar Highway  😉 We also made our way up the Alpine Mine Overlook trail and got some awesome photos of the both of us at a look-out point (thank goodness for tripods – thanks Jack for lending us one!)

The next day we drove to Telluride to explore the city and to take a gondola ride up to The Peaks for drinks and appetizers. The view was spectacular both in and outside of their resort restaurant! One of our favorite hikes we trekked was the Ice Lake Trail in Silverton. It was a treacherous 7 mile hike but the scenery at the top made it all the more rewarding. The crystal clear, bright blue lake was absolutely unreal. It looked as fake in person as it does in the photos because of its extraordinary bright colors.

Our last day in Ouray we spent UTVing through Imogene Pass; one of my personal favorite things to do while visiting the San Juan Mountains. It’s quite the adventure and definitely gets your heart rate going at certain points on the trail. We made it to the top, which reaches 13,114 feet – pretty crazy, huh? After an exciting few days in Ouray, we made our way to Rocky Mountain National Park where we had a gorgeous camping spot with a view of the mountains and valley. We had a relaxing last 2 days in Rocky Mountain before we had to make our way back to Denver for our flight home.

Ouray will always be one of my most favorite places to travel to (and I wouldn’t mind living there someday, too!) I’m so glad I could share my love of Ouray with a very special someone. Can’t wait for our future adventures together 🙂


4 Comments on “Ouray & RMNP, Colorado 2015”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Love Colorado. Brought back many good memories as I’ve been to most of these places several times. The sign of Uncomphagre National Forest reminds me of my father saying it and my niece who was with us asking him to say it over and over. He is 87 and can no longer make the long trips we once did. Again, love your photography! (I work with Rachelle)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Glad it could bring back some of those good memories 🙂

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